Best Water Bottles for Adventuring

Best Water Bottles for Adventuring

Water is the most important drink you will ever have. A great way to lower your waste output on the world is to have a reusable water bottle. Here is our list of the best water bottles out there. 


Coming in at number 5, is the S'well stainless steel 17oz bottle. This bottle keeps your drink both hot or cold. A small mouth top makes it easy to drink from and comes in a variety of styles. The companies mission is to really reduce the impact of plastic water bottles so when you buy S'well you are supporting an important cause. Extremely durable and probably the most convenient bottle to take on the go out of the others on our list. The narrow mouth also does leave it with some more trouble cleaning the inside of it.


The Nalgene 1 quart BPA Free water bottle is our number 4 pick. This is the best rated water bottle there is out there. About 90% of its reviews left it a 5 star. Unlike the S'well, this has a wide mouth unscrewable top giving a lot of access for cleaning the inside or putting large chunks of ice in. This is a BPA Free plastic bottle which is extremely durable and stylish. This comes in a multitude of translucent colors and is probably one of the most classic water containers out there. The Nalgene is also very affordable coming in at a low price of $13. Its also extremely light but its thin walls does come at the cost of not keeping your drink as cool or warm as long as our competitors. 


Hydro Flask makes the top 3. The Hydro Flask is easily one of the most recognizable bottles to see in the wild. Its bright vibrant colors are hard to miss, and comes in almost every color imaginable. A multitude of sizes allows you to choose how big or small a bottle you want. The bottles are also double walled so you dont get any cold condensation outside the bottle, or excess heat when holding it. Hydro Flasks keep both your liquids extremely cold or warm for as long as you will need. This is a great choice for taking on long hikes or walks. This stylish bottle does come at a price, the 32oz costing $54. The bottles are prone to denting when dropped but won't crack. Some seem to complain that the handles on Hydro Flasks are not very convenient to carrying around, leaving room for its competitors to surpass it. 


At number 2, the CamelBak Eddy+ BPA Free bottle. The CamelBak takes down the Hydro Flask due to the price change and easy of drinking with its flip straw cap. The 32oz CamelBak Eddy+ costs only $15 for a great durable, light bottle. The cap also contained a holding handle for ease of use. This bottle is made of BPA free plastic which is extremely durable and non harmful. When the cap is unscrewed, it displays a wide mouth top making the entire inside available for any of your needs. Although the plastic walls won't keep your drink as warm or cool as the Hydro, the easy of use, lightness and price point ranks it at the number 2 slot.


The Yeti Rambler is our number one choice for the best water bottle. This is all around the perfect water bottle. Double walled stainless steel lining keeps your drinks hot or ice cold for hours. You will finish your drink before the ice melts. The most durable bottle on the market and will be the last water bottle you will ever buy. A widemouth top allows for easy of use when cleaning or inserting anything inside, but also comes with a screw on cap with a narrow mouth and a handle cap that screws onto that. You really get the best of both worlds. The handle is the most comfortable handle to carry a water bottle. All around a great investment to make.